Rehabilitative Pilates

Rehabilitative Pilates Classes Chico

Quick Facts

  • Rehabilitation Pilates Classes at Studio M are designed to teach you a method of exercise to help improve function and maintain postural muscle strength.
  • Classes are ideally suited to men or women with chronic pain due to instability, poor posture or degenerative changes. For example, classes are suitable for people who have had a recent acute lower back pain due to weakened abdominal muscles or disk injuries.
  • Classes are led by Miranda McGovern, and class numbers are limited to 5 people. This is to ensure specialized attention for all participants.
  • Each participant will receive an individualized exercise programm which can be used as part of your rehabilitation.
  • Pilates is being hailed as “the fastest growing exercise technique worldwide”. Pilates is a mind body conditioning exercise program that targets the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine to improve overall central core stability and posture. The mind and body are brought together to achieve these aims through the following eight principles: concentration, centering, breathing, isolation, routine, precision, control and flowing movement.

What is Rehabilitative Pilates?

The benefits of the Pilates method include the prevention and rehabilitation of back injuries. In order to prevent a recurrence of back pain, it is essential to retrain the deep abdominal and spinal muscles. It is thought that these deep muscles, the diaphragm and the pelvic floor muscles are co-activated to form an enclosed abdominal ring, termed a ‘cylinder of stability’. This cylinder is what is termed as the ‘central core’ in Pilates and increases low back stability.

As stated previously, pilates focuses on building an efficient ‘central core’. The ‘Modified Pilates Rehabilitation Program’ also focuses on contraction of the pelvic floor to facilitate contraction of these deep muscles, thus activating this central core. Pilates then challenges this central core by introducing graduated arm and leg movements and stretches. Pilates provides patients with a method of exercise unique amongst other forms of exercise that focuses on correct movement quality not quantity, core stabilization and postural correction.

Who is Pilates For?

Pilates suits all ages and fitness levels and is particularly beneficial for those with:

  • back and neck pain
  • poor posture
  • sports injuries
  • those with weak pelvic floor muscles
  • before and after pregnancy
  • most importantly it is for MEN as well as WOMEN

Benefits of Rehabilitative Pilates

  • Speed up recovery following injury
  • Prevent injury recurrence
  • Improve balance
  • Improve co-ordination
  • Improve posture
  • Increased health and well-being
  • Increased relaxation
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Increased flexibility
  • Aid in stress management
  • Improved strength & stamina
  • Help prevent stress incontinence
  • Performance of safe exercise
  • Mid West Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Pilates is Chartered
  • Physiotherapist led and monitored

Information on your Pilates Class

During your first Pilates class you will be introduced to a number of elements central to the Pilates method. The 5 key elements of Modified Pilates include;

  • Lateral breathing – which will be introduced in the first class, don’t worry if you find it difficult, you will master your breathing as you progress in Pilates
  • Centering – time will be spent on teaching you to centre (contract the deep abdominal muscles) in class 1 as this is fundamental to the Pilates method. The “core” or “centre” refer to the cylinder of stability, or the abdominal corset. The aim of the Pilates method is to retrain activation of these muscles, while challenging it then with arm and leg movement.
  • Ribcage placement
  • Shoulder blade placement
  • Head and neck placement

What To Wear

Clothes should allow freedom of movement. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing (e.g tracksuit bottoms/ shorts, t-shirt). You can wear socks for the class, ones with grips can be helpful. There will be changing area for your use.

About The Class

The numbers are limited to 5 people. This is to ensure specialized attention for all participants which ensures quality of movement and not just quantity. All equipment relating to exercise will be provided for you. Your class will last approximately one hour during which you will be instructed on the 5 principles mentioned above and you will practice various exercises. Once you have mastered specific exercises you can practice them yourself at home. Aim for 15minutes every day and you will soon feel and see the difference.

If you have any questions regarding the Rehabilitation Pilates classes or wish to book a place please contact Miranda McGovern, Owner Studio M 530-521-0469