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Stop Chasing The Pain

Do you feel like you’re chasing the pain? Treat the cause of dysfunction, not the symptoms. NeuroKinetic Therapy™ corrective movement system addresses the cause of pain – dysfunctional movement patterns stored in the brain. Discover why NKT ™ system is the missing link in your treatment protocol.

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Pilates and Fitness Classes

Studio M offers a variety of classes to benefit your total body health including spin pilated (new!), mat pilates, reformer pilates, rehabilition classes for those recovering from an injury or surgery, and more.

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Shakeology & Team BeachBody

Shakeology and Team BeachBody are two of our new nutrition programs to help you reach your goals!

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Javita Weight Loss Coffee & Active Blendz

Javita offers a variety of weight loss coffee as well as Active Blendz, a water additive to give you an extra boost in your day!

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From Our Blog
September 8, 2015 A Brief Overview of Pilates as Therapy

Pilates is a specific group of exercises that focuses on your body's core, improving strength and flexibility.  It targets the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine resulting in improved core stability.  What do we mean when we say "core?"  The core is the center of the body; it supports all other muscles and without it, movement is not...

September 1, 2015 Welcome to Studio M Pilates and Fitness!

Hello, and welcome to the Studio M Pilates and Fitness Blog!  We will be posting a new blog every week with valuable information for current clients, prospective clients, and people just stopping b...

September 20, 2014 David Weinstock: Neurokinetic Therapy and Motor Control Theory

I talk with David Weinstock, founder of Neurokinetic Therapy™ about how this approach helps manual and movement therapists to be better detectives. We get into motor control theory, how we ...